Northcore - Waterproof Sports Car Seat Cover

Northcore - Waterproof Sports Car Seat Cover
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Waterproof Sports Car Seat Cover: At last, theres now a car seat cover out there designed with boardriders in mind. This is a super tough waterproof cover which will fit most car and van seats. Its resistant to mud, stains, drinks, oil etc, a quick wipe and its clean. Its also handy for when you cant be bothered to change out of your wetsuit to go to another spot or get home, just jump in the car and go

Seat cover features:

  • Material thats waterproof under normal use and resitant to oil, food, drinks, mud etc. Its protects your seats and a quick wipe with a damp cloth cleans it. 
  • Fits most car and van seats (not to be used with seat fitted airbags) and even allows access for armrests
  • Super tough material thats going to last
  • Comes with a strong storage box


Saison 2017
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