North Sails Now 2018

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North Sails Now 2018
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The idea is simple, the implementation is unique!


Due to the body stature, forces and leverage smaller frame riders (up to 160 cm) are often unable to cope with regular sails. At the same time, they often have a higher level than many others and are searching for a proper sail tailored for smaller frame riders. Especially for this target group, we have developed the brand new NOW. A very light, powerful and high-quality performance sail, based on the current SUPER HERO, but adapted in many respects to the ergonomics and physical performance of smaller people. While most sail brands use the same layouts and materials as for adult sails (for example, heavy X.PLY) for the sake of simplicity, we go our own way.

Through years of cooperation with all major schools (eg VDWS, ION Club, FBC), we are using their enormous knowledge and have designed the NOW accordingly. For example, a particularly balanced shape and intelligent mix between XPly and light monofilm, which are adapted to the lower weight and the reduced strength of the target group. Thanks to the ingenious material mix of iMODULAR.DESIGN, none must fear the durability. Five sizes up to 4.4 m2 are based on the ergonomics and the strengths of smaller persons and offer high-quality and powerful equipment guaranteeing fun and success in windsurfing.

With the EPX program we offer specially developed mast and boom components for the NOW sail range.



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