NKB Dyno 2018

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NKB Dyno 2018
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The Dyno is back!


Recognizing the need for IKA TwinTip Racing and Youth at the Olympic Games 2018, we registered Rebels 2018 in sizes 5 to 15m and added the well-known Dyno 15m and 18m to the lineup. Low weight remains a key feature of the freeride and race kite Dyno. The reduced leading edge diameter by as much as 13% gives less weight and less drag. The Dyno bridle is unique. The more central bridle legs have their anchor points on the struts rather than the leading edge tube. This allows the profile draft to be back a bit without a compensating large amount of aft sweep in the tips of the kite. To eliminate the risk of making the Dyno too rigid, the 6 struts are smaller in diameter and thus more flexible than on other models. The quarter strut is positioned a little closer to the tips so as to reduce canopy luffing and fluttering when turning or sheeted out. Benefit of 6 struts: increase in canopy stability for reduced drag in situations of high apparent wind. Not only at Olympia, the Dyno wins races!



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