ION BALLISTIC Boots NEXKIN 6/5 mm - 3/2 mm

ION BALLISTIC Boots NEXKIN 6/5 mm - 3/2 mm
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NEXKIN: revolutionary skin Neoprene technology with more stretch, warmth, robustness NEW!
ARAMID: super resistant protection sole against sharp mussels, coral reef and other sharp objects
Sanitized® treated: no bacteria, no odour, no mildew – consistent freshness for every ride! NEW!
Donut_cuff: made of one piece of Neoprene provides slick cuff sealing without seams NEW!
Glide_skin: inside ankle PU-coating for perfect water sealing and anti rash
Segmented sole: strategic cuttings enhance flexibility of the sole NEW!
Internal split toe: this construction eliminates spongy feeling in the toe area
Velcro_loop: detachable water sealing Velcro loop around the shaft
Velcro_adjuster: velcro loop on instep to fix the foot firmly in the heel cap for best stability
External shoehorn: fast and tearproof entry
Finger loop: helps your heel to step in
GBS_Seams: water sealing for all seams



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