Futures Fins Vector 2 F4 5-Fin

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Futures Fins Vector 2 F4 5-Fin
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The Future Fins Vector 2 F4 5-Fin set is a GREAT all around Fin set, available in Future Fins Hex Core material and they're meant to be ridden as a Thruster or Quad.


The F4 5-Fin option combines one of our most popular thruster set ups with our versatile F-4 Quad. With the V2 foil on the front fins combined with the honeycomb material allow this fin to flex and generate speed, while the thicker tip provides hold through turns. This five-fin option is one of our most versatile choices for small-to-medium sized surfers. FRONT/CENTER: HEIGHT: 4.37" BASE: 4.22" AREA: 14.22" REAR FINS: HEIGHT: 3.75" BASE: 3.64" AREA: 10.90"


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