FIREWIRE - HellRazor (Kite) TimberTEK Design 5'7

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FIREWIRE - HellRazor (Kite) TimberTEK Design 5'7

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Amazing Look, amazing character!


The HELL RAZOR is the ultimate high performance Hybrid replacing your normal shortboard (ride it approx. 1″ shorter). The HELL RAZOR is morphed up from the HELLFIRE which in turn came from the SPIT-FIRE, so it retains the high performance characteristics of those models. We flattened the double concaves slightly versus the HELLFIRE, and the overall foil is even more refined, with a slightly narrower nose and tail, but with plenty of width to make sure you don’t get hung up on those flat sections. While it’s virtually impossible to design a single board that will handle every type of wave between 3′ and 6′, the HELL RAZOR comes ‘razor’ close. Put it through its paces and raise hell!’



Saison 2019
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