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NORTH KITEBOARDING die weltweite grösste Kite-Marke und NORTHSAILS Marktführer von Windsurf Riggs haben sich zusammen getan, um das das innovativste Rigg aller Zeiten zu entwickeln. Das Ergebnis ist das Beste aus beiden Welten: unglaublich geringes Gewicht und Packmasse, die mit Hilfe der Kitetechnologie erzielt werden, kombiniert mit der Attraktivität und Sicherheit eines Windsurf Riggs.


Segel Größe XS (1,2kg): 90-115cm

Segel Größe S (1,4kg): 115-140cm

Segel Größe M (1,8kg): 140-170cm

Segel Größe L (2,2kg): 170-200cm

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369,00 € inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten


Super light weight

70!% lighter than a standard Windsurf rig, no more back pins, easy learning with instant success, comfortable / easy to transport

Fixed handle Positions

No wrong positioning of hands possible, faster learning possible, no room for errors, easier tuition for schools and centers

Completely inflatable construction without hard materials

No fine-tuning, just pump & go, safe to use for kids and beginners, no hard object to get injured -> super safe, even easier to pull out on the water

A3-size packing dimensions

Easy storage and transport even in a small sized city car or by bike, deflated it only taks a small amount of space

Unlike traditional Windsurf rigs the iRIG floats onto the water

Does not sink, therefore easy to lift and super safe, very easy to paddle back home without drag, faster learning

Super simple sizing (S / M / L)

Always the right gear for each person, no difficulties in chosing the right gear

Wordlwide patent pending

An absolutely unique product




Saison 2016
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