NORTH Uni.XT - RDM - 36

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NORTH Uni.XT - RDM - 36
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Especially with standard extensions everyone has probably encountered nasty surprises at some point.


Endless fiddling to find a frictionless rope thread, incorrect roller alignment being incompatible with the orientation of the roller block at the sail, power-consuming trimming due to a small surface for supporting the foot. All of these problems are a thing of the past with the UNI.XT! At first glance this high-strength and super solid extension might seem to occur like many other extensions, but it’s stuffed with real innovations that make the UNI.XT an unparalleled product. And: we are so confident about the entire UNI. XT program and its technology that we grant 2 years unlimited warranty*! (except UNI.XT AERO RDM 34)


Saison 2018
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